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all led up to this moment

so 3+ years from idea to reality. 3+ years of praying and seeking God on details of living in Nicaragua. One would think that would be enough time for me to grasp the idea of moving overseas but now that it is actually staring me in the face and the moment has now come, I feel, well I don't have enough time to honestly tell you all that I feel because WE HAVE TO PACK! :)

But let me just say the Lord has been sweetly whispering comfort, peace and a sense of calm that I need in midst of this upcoming transition. His perfect LOVE casts out all fear.

While here in WI we've been spending time outside and of course in this beautiful Fall season its been incredible but in one of those days I was taking a walk with Bella, our 3 year old in my parents wooded acres. Before we actually entered the trail she couldn't see me for a brief 20 seconds and she was screaming "mommy mommy mommy"....until I peeked my head where she could see me...flash forward to 10 minutes later in the middle of a forest-like setting and she was running without fear or concern. She knew I was there. She had no fear and her world was ok in that moment. As quickly as I breathed a quick thank you God that Bella finds security and comfort in me, her mommy, was just as quickly that I felt God say 'as should you.' And so I choose to rest in Him, in His blanket of comfort and while I know He is there and His promises are true, for me and for my family. This song, Your Promises has been on my repeated playlist in the last week and I'd encourage you to listen to it as well.

In saying all this we are off to Nicaragua this WEEK. In less than 48 hours we will be packing a rental vehicle with the remaining of our belongings to drive to Chicago and on Thursday departing on a flight from Chicago to Miami, Miami to Nicaragua.

First of all let me thank my parents for allowing us to invade their world for the last 2 months here in Wisconsin. Not an easy thing especially as our 5 month old literally does NOT sleep and our 3 year old loves to run and scream in the house :) Thank you for letting us stay, loving us and letting us be ourselves in midst of all these changes. We love you and couldn't have managed these last months without you. Thank you for loving us and our children unconditionally.

Thank you to all those who are sending texts, emails and notes of encouragement and support. Honestly this has been so helpful and encouraging,especially to me in the last weeks and days. Thank you to those who have been believing in us and partnering with us. Truly without you we cannot do any of this-thank you to all of our MONTHLY partners. As we depart the U.S. this week we trust God to continue to supply all of our needs as He has faithfully done thus far: financially, emotionally, physically and more.

Please as you think of us keep us in your prayers. I will be updating ways you can specifically pray for us in the next day or so here. One of the coolest things that happened while we've been here in WI was one Sunday at the church we attend here, someone I have known for years came up to me and mentioned the Lord woke her up to pray for our family that morning! As well the story of my barista just this AM at Starbucks when in telling we were leaving the country this week asking my name to pray for us. Incredible and so encouraging!

Also keep in touch with us, follow our journey and check out our updates on Facebook, Instagram and of course here on the blog. We will probably just be updating our social media with pictures and glimpses into our world and not updating this blog much until we are a little settled in. For those of you who do not have Instagram I have linked my IG here on the front page of our website if you scroll down the home page. You can follow Alvaro on his FB here, my FB here. You can follow Alvaro's Instagram here, and my Instagram here. Once in Nicaragua we will hopefully have a US based phone number that you can call without charge and also you can always text charge free with an app called WhatsApp.

SO here we go, a dream 3 years in the making and a HUGE leap into that dream starts this week.....

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