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Our story really begins and ends with grace. Our journey full of grace, as we call it. How God brought us together as a couple and called us back to Alvaro's home country, is only by His plan and by His grace. We are simply humble people in His hands, willing to bring the hope and truth of Christ to others. 

We first went to Nicaragua as a couple in 2011 and though it was mostly a trip to meet his family and see his country, I truly believe a much deeper seed was planted.  It was 2013, shortly after our first baby was born in SW Florida, that God began to stir Alvaro's heart to possibly return to Nicaragua.  We began to pray together and see what God would do.  It was in this time, God was deepening Alvaro's heart to what the Gospel really meant and what his grace story was.  From this birthed a desire to see a Gospel-movement in his home country.  

Fast forward to November 2016 when we landed in Nicaragua as a family of 4.  Naive and not yet sure what to expect we began our journey of what we believed we were called to.  In the process, He has patiently and gently redirected us many times and yet by His purposes we move forward and follow His lead. 

We truly feel that we have a unique opportunity as Nicaragua is Alvaro's homeland and his native language. The response of people comes quicker with that understanding and trust.  We feel honored God would entrust us to such a journey as this and pray we can bring about an impact in the country of Nicaragua and the city of Esteli, that is only by His grace, of course. 


The core of our ministry is really about PEOPLE.  If you want a really short version of what we truly value, it is people and relationship building. You can have plans, programs and things in place but without the heart for people I think you have lost the point. We are about creating a culture of community. We really want to be intentional in this and build into the lives of those whom God puts in our path. It is then out of these relationships that we are passionate about helping them discover the love of Christ. The desire of our hearts is to see people in Nicaragua understand and apply the centrality of the Gospel.  We truly believe it begins with relationship. We want to build a community of disciples who make disciples.  It all starts with a healthy foundation and out of that model comes healthy reproduction.  As we plant a church in the city of Esteli, our endeavor is to aid people in finding the grace and fullness in the completed work of Christ.  



Mentoring, discipling, and empowering individuals to live in their potentials.  This comes in so many different forms but mainly it's just about inviting people to walk the journey with us.  

  • mentoring/discipleship

  • core leadership

  • home groups


FUSION is the name of our church plant in Esteli, Nicaragua.  We currently meet on Sundays, inviting any age or people to join us for a time of worship and teaching. The prevailing beliefs in Nicaragua lean towards prosperity-doctrine and works-based salvation and so there is a big need to have a Gospel-centered church.  Our desire is to build a missional church that is not just aware of it's communities needs but strives to meet them in practical ways as well.  

You can follow the website of FUSION here


There is such a need in Nicaragua, specifically our city of Esteli, for university-focused ministry.  Wednesdays we have an intentional service for university students.  We are also working to build relationships with several campuses in Esteli and are always seeking ways we can serve the campuses and the students. 

if you would like to hear more of our story, vision, or about our current ministry, we would love to talk with you

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