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Back to School Backpack Giveaway

We are excited to promote the 1st annual backpack giveaway in the community of Esteli, Nicaragua.

We are praying to be able to bless 150 families with new backpacks enabling their child to begin a fresh new school year in February. A gift of $40 will allow us to purchase a brand new backpack and all the supplies necessary for the school year.

With the ongoing crisis in Nicaragua it is increasingly more difficult for parents to provide for their families. Many have lost their jobs and livlihoods and as a result are struggling with the most basics. Our prayer with this project is to bring hope in the way of a physical blessing to these families and this community.

If you are interested in partnering with us to make this possible, you can give directly at this link. There will be specific donate button for this project.

We are grateful for your continued support, prayers and partnership for Nicaragua. If you have any questions you can email us or call Al at 715-252-9176.

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