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Alvaro & Sarah Gomez

Alvaro is a Latin boy, born in Northern Nicaragua who came to know Jesus through some neighbors in his town of Jalapa. After earning his B.A. in agriculture, he gained success working at a bank and took a chance at an opportunity to live in America. He is passionate about Jesus and loves making connections among people. He is crazy about soccer, loves making his children smile and enjoys a GREAT cup of coffee. 


Sarah is a Polish girl raised in Central Wisconsin. She has a passion to travel and made her first move at 19 to work with youth in Washington. Continuing along with her sense of adventure she attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia. She has a history of pursuing the call of God no matter where it takes her. She adores her kiddos and appreciates the chaos that sometimes they bring!  She loves all things creative and dreams of one day opening her own business or creative studio. 


Their worlds collided in 2009 in Minnesota, and thus began their journey together. Married now for 10 years they have a beautiful daughter, Bella who is 6 and a son, Dominic, who is 3. 

If you want to read a little more about the history of our beginnings as a couple, you can read that post here.


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