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I guess I've always loved and used the word 'seasons' to describe the phases of life or the portions of this journey, but maybe the word, STAGES is more fitting for me.


1.a single step or degree in a process; a particular phase, period, position, etc., in a process, development, or series.

In some quiet time this week this word popped in my heart and after thinking and reading through the definition I agreed that this is how I am viewing this process of moving our family overseas, in stages.

So exactly how could I describe my current stage? The 'we are packed up, moved and waiting' stage perhaps. Or 'there are bins, boxes, and suitcases everywhere' stage.' Maybe just the 'chaos' stage. Well whatever I'd call it, that would only be a label - let me unpack a little of our present reality.

Since the beginning of September we are moved out of SWFL and are staying with family in Wisconsin. We just got back from a trip to Washington where we were blessed with a time to share our hearts and vision for Nicaragua. Having lived in Olympia, WA for a season of life it was so incredible to be able to show Alvaro a piece of my history. More amazing than showing him places though was the opportunity for him to meet dear friends that are like extended family to me. Even after more than a decade of moving away they have loved unconditionally, encouraged deeply and supported faithfully in so many different seasons. What a joy to have them meet Alvaro and our family. We are humbled and blessed to call you friends McGregorys and Christiansons!

It's a weird stage - the we are fundraising to get to where we are going- stage. If I'm completely honest maybe a stage I wasn't prepared for. The 'sorting through all of your earthly personal belongings to ship, pack or give away stage' was intense and the 'saying goodbye to our home and friends of four years stage' was difficult, but this stage, this one is catching me off guard. It's like a holding ground- like a stepping stone on the path to where we are going. The transition of it all some days is quite honestly overwhelming to me. It's reassuring to me that the One who has called us is faithful and that the feelings I have in this stage neither alarm Him nor deter His plan. He remains constant, the same yesterday, today and in all of my tomorrows. He can be trusted with all of my stepping stones in this process and in that is my peace and comfort.

We are so excited and blessed to say we have the funds necessary to make the trip to Nicaragua as well as purchase a vehicle when we get there. These were HUGE needs and we are humbled that God has used families, churches and businesses to provide these. We are still needing some monthly partners to join with us as we have a goal of departing to Nicaragua in October. If you are interested in learning more about how you can partner with us to help make reaching our goals possible you can email, text, chat or Skype with us and we'd love to share more.

Here are some photos of our time in the Evergreen State, Washington. Thanks again to everyone who made this trip and time possible. So many memories made and we are so grateful for our partners and friends in WA.

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