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countdown begins...

24 days until we depart Florida. What an adventure, one this mama is already feeling a little anxious at times about. With an exhaustive list of things to tackle here in FL, stuff to ship, stuff to sell, records and last appointments to take care of, details to sort out in Nicaragua, goodbye parties and timing our "last" moments with friends and family in Miami and SWFL. Tickets to book to travel....well you get the idea, I'll spare you the long list. We finally got Dominic's passport and so we are officially a passport family of 4 now. What a fun memory getting his picture and paperwork. He has no idea what kind of adventure awaits him!

Please keep our family in your prayers as we sort it all out in these final days and trust the details to God. So many emotions come with this big of a change and we desire to do this journey well.

We have loved getting the opportunity to share face to face with many the mission ahead of us and are SO appreciative of the support and encouragement we are receiving.

I'm sure as departure date approaches and the transition to living overseas actually happens this blog will be full of our family's pictures and adventures. We'd love to make a YouTube channel as well shortly to those of you who enjoy seeing video and keeping up with us that way. Please let us know if you are interested in hearing more about what it is we will be doing in Nicaragua, we'd love to grab a coffee and chat.

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