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and then there were FOUR

We welcomed our sweet boy, Dominic Asher Gomez into the world on May 14. He shocked us coming less than 6 days after Alvaro returned from Nicaragua and nearly 30 days before his actual due date. He was in the special care unit of the hospital for just over a week but we praise God for a healthy, sweet addition to our family. We are of course in love with him and in awe of how much love Bella has for her new brother as well. Thank you to everyone who prayed, encouraged and helped us in that crazy time!

We are so sorry to leave our blog unattended for the last couple of months as I know there have been many coming back to check for updates. I am just coming away from the whirlwind that was the month of MAY! So thank you for your patience as we have been adjusting and settling in as a new family of four!

Feel free to follow our Facebook or Instagram accounts to see oh, so adorable photos of our sweet kiddos.

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