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The Journey

We are so excited to introduce you to our blog and invite you to follow along as we, the Gomez family take this journey. What started as a slight nudge 2 years ago is now starting to take formation as we prepare and plan to move to the country of Nicaragua.

It seems the road to get where we are standing today took some turns but as always God has the best plan and His timing is perfect. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to meet the organization The Table Network and are grateful to be an extension of them.

As many of you know Alvaro is originally from Nicaragua and has always had a heart for the people of his country. God has begin to open the doors and show us opportunities of how we can have an impact within multiple cities of Nicaragua. With connections and trips already made we see the potential of what God has called us to in this season. The vision is to make the transition for our family to be full-time in Nicaragua by this Fall, 2016. We'd love you to follow our blog, hear our story and pray about how you can possibly be involved in making this happen.


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